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Free skins CS:GO — check your luck

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Skins for the game

What are skins?

Skins — this is a display of the appearance of weapons for the game Counter Strike Global Offensive. They do not affect performance, skills, but in view of the possibility of their free transfer and the frequency of loss — each skin has its price.

Where do the skins come from?

Skins can fall out either after the game, or from the case, which in turn also drop out after the game. In a much smaller number, skins are entered into the game from souvenir sets, which are displayed when viewing significant CS: GO events.

Sites with drawings of skins

Despite the fact that the majority of skins players get just from the sites for the drawing of skins, skins just do not appear there. Due to the fact that skins have a price in the network appeared a lot of sites with skins. Of course not for free, but some sites entice users of various kinds of bonuses and starting amounts for one or two cases. It’s these sites that allow you to get free skins for free.